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Scholar Will's Notebook

A Day in the Life of an evil Genius

10 February
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It's sheer perfection, my precious G-Virus. No one will ever take you away from me...

This is the English version of my blog. You can find a German version here!

Welcome, stranger! I'm Umbrella's genius, William Birkin, disguised as a German Law student living in the wonderful town of Tübingen in a flat share together with my two best friends and loving it! :D

I'm quite a strange person. Full of fantasy, yet extremely rational. Nervous, self-critical and quiet if I don't know other people, but also enthusiastic and totally insane. Why not? There is nothing worse than being normal. I love my friends, my rat boys Rufus and Altair (who have, sadly, passed away) and just being creative in many different ways - writing, drawing, role playing games and, yay, Cosplay! Al and I are always making jokes that I only leave my lab for two occasions in a year, for Christmas markets and the AnimagiC, the biggest German convention for Anime, Manga, video games and everything related to Japan. Yup, I also love Christmas and I'm a true winter child. I guess snow is my favorite thing in all the world! ^.^
As you can tell from my name, I'm a huge fan of the Resident Evil game series and a video game addict. I especially love Birkin and Wesker. As a couple, as friends, as conspirators and as individuals. I'm also quite proud of the Cosplay me and my friends made. Those are the Cosplays I made so far - Click on the pictures to enlarge: ^^

William Birkin (Resident Evil)

Yuna (Final Fantasy X)

Yuna Songstress (Final Fantasy X-2)

Aerith (Final Fantasy VII)

Hijikata Toshizou (Peace Maker)

Lise (Seiken Densetsu III/Secret of Mana 2)

Zato-1 (Guilty Gear)

If you have any more questions about this mad scientist, feel free to ask, I always love to make some new friends! ^_^

Keiner ist so verrückt, dass er nicht einen noch Verrückteren findet, der ihn versteht (No one's too crazy to find someone even more crazy who understands him) ~ Friedrich Nietzsche