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Dec. 26th, 2010

I get a little warm in my Heart when I think of Winter...

I wonder if the snow loves the trees and fields,
that it kisses them so gently?
~ Alice, Through the looking glass

After a long and not so easy time, I'm back again, celebrating this stunningly beautiful Christmas. I've been dreaming of a white Christmas for years, and here it is - whiter than anyone could have imagined. The whole world is enchanted and has turned into a winter wonderland. Winter has always been my favorite time of the year, so this white Christmas is like a dream to me. Today, it was a very cold, but sunny day, and the snow was sparkling like millions of shattered crystals. And how soft the snow is! A picture-perfect winter day.

Yesterday... it was different, but just as perfect. It was snowing the whole day, the world was covered in fog, a dreamlike, haunting atmosphere. The snow was almost untouched, and the photos actually look like black and white pictures (which they are not):


This is my season, and I'm so gland and thankful I can have such a beautiful winter this year. There was also snow on Christmas Evening, which made our traditional Christmas walk so much better than in so many years before. All the lights and the falling snow made this night so special, and really magical. And don't you think even the Christmas trees look much more beautiful, when there's a perfect white winter world outside?
I hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas! Enjoy your holidays, and remember to keep the Christmas spirit all the year...

...and may all your Christmasses be white!

Aug. 8th, 2010


William‘s 100 Favorite Places ~ 01 – Potsdamer Platz (Potsdam Square), Berlin

Ich hab` alles gehabt – Ich hab` alles verloren
Doch in dieser Stunde
Werd' ich wiedergeboren

Wie ein Phönix aus der Asche
Werd` ich auferstehen
Und was mir unerreichbar schien
Vor meinen Augen sehen

L’Ame Immortelle ~ Phönix
I had it all - I lost it all
But in this very hour
I will be reborn

Like Phoenix from the ashes
I will rise again
And what seemed impossible to me
I will see right before my eyes

L’Ame Immortelle ~ Phönix

What makes this place special?

The very first place I want to visit on our journey is actually my number one: My favorite place in all the world. If I had to choose only one single favorite, it would be this one: Potsdam Square in our beautiful capital city Berlin. But why is this very young location so special?

Berlin is my hometown. My family moved away soon after I was born, but thanks to our many friends in the city, we paid a visit at least every two years.
When I first met Potsdam Square – through a car window, just passing by –, it was just a gigantic waste land with nothing but countless cranes.

Back then, as a child, I didn’t know about the turbulent history of this desolate fallow: Before WW II, the place was one of the most lively areas of Berlin, but after the war, there was nothing left but a mass of rubble. The ruins were completely razed to the ground when the Wall was built, and Potsdam Square remained a no man’s land – until it became Europe’s largest construction site in the 90s.
At my second entcounter with Potsdam Square, I met a huge red building there, the so called “Infobox”, where curious visitor could learn all kinds of information about the ambitious construction project. It seemed incredibly that in such a short time, the futuristic model town should come to live, especially when you looked at all the construction machines, pipes and the grey buildings’ skeletons from the roof terrace. But actually in only a few years, a masterpiece of modern architecture was created, with the special urban flair of a metropolis.
Well, I’m in love with skyscrapers and large cities, but what makes Potsdam Square unique is the fact that I’ve seen him grow up: From the fallow land to the first bricks to the rapid development of a gigantic industrial complex. This makes the place so very special – it’s like a good friend to me. Though it exists for less than twenty years, you can’t imagine Berlin’s cityscape without the Potsdam Square, and if you haven’t seen him, you haven’t seen Berlin.

Don’t miss!

Potsdam Square has several highlights you may not miss. If you go there by subway or suburban rail (U-Bahn and S-Bahn in Germany – the station is Potsdamer Platz), you’ll find an amazing panorama of high-rise buildings. The Kollhoff-Tower with its brick-lined façade is especially remarkable. On sunny days, it’s reflected in the glass front of the nearby BahnTower. Don’t forget to visit the observation deck of the Kollhoff-Tower, where you have a breathtaking view over the town with many famous sights like Brandenburg Gate, Reichstag building or the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church. With Europe’s fastest passenger elevator (8,65m per second) you get to the multi-level viewing platform Panoramapunkt.
The perfect time for a visit are the evening hours – only few things are more beautiful than sitting high above the city, preferably with some tasty provisions (for example from the Arkaden, more about them later), watching the sea of houses slowly turning to glittery lights, while the sky is painted in a deep blue.

When it’s finally dark, you should make a detour to the Sony Center. Under its large tent-like roof, you can find a place with water fountains, benches and cafés. At nighttime, the cupola is changing its color from blue to pink and back, a play of colors that never fails to enchant the visitors. You can especially enjoy the lively atmosphere if you bring some Donuts and Muffins from Dunkin’ Donuts.

Even more food and many other things can be found in the Arkaden (Arcades), a shopping center with the flair of an American mall. In fact, there are only few things you can’t find here, so it’s the perfect occasion for a shopping spree – especially at Christmas time, when the whole hall is full of opulent festive decoration.
There are especially countless opportunities to satisfy your hunger: In the Asia Pavillon you can get big servings of delicious wok food, the Sushi-Circle sells fresh Sushi, also in take-away Bento boxes (perfect as a healthy snack for watching the sunset on the Kollhoff-Tower). Nordsee offers the known and good fish dishes and sandwiches, while you can relish American classics with a view on the mall in the Play Off. And these are just a few examples of the great offer. Don’t forget to visit the ice cream parlor Caffé e Gelato, where you can find amazing home-made ice cream. No matter if you eat your ice in a cone or rather choose one of the beautifully decorated sundaes, it’s always hard to make a choice.

The Berliner Volksbank-Zentrale is also worth seeing, with its bordering sheet of water and a bamboo garden in the inner courtyard.
There’s also provided lots of entertainment: You can watch movies on the big screen in the huge Cinemaxx – or in the Imax in 3D. Movie enthusiasts can also find the Filmhaus (movie house) with a big museum in the Sony center. Potsdam Square is also home of Europe’s largest casino, the Spielbank Berlin. The Theater am Potsdamer Platz is not only venue of the Berlinale, but also of musicals, and in the BlueMax, you can watch the spectacular shows of the Blue Man Group.

In short, Potsdam Square is always worth visiting it, at any time of the year and day. A place you just have to see, as often as you can.

Three facts about Potsdam Square

1) In 1990, after the fall of the Berlin Wall, Roger Waters held the rock concert The Wall on Potsdam Square, which was the biggest concert in the history of rock music so far

2) In the parts of Potsdam Square between the station and the shopping arcade, scenes from the movie Equilibrium were shot

3) Every day, between 70.000 and 100.000 people visit Potsdam Square

Jul. 11th, 2010


William's Travel Guide - A new project

I've got nostalgic pavements
I've got familiar faces
I've got a mixed-up memory
And I've got favourite places

One thing I love most in life is traveling. The world is full of amazing places, and I want to discover them all. But the very best thing about it is sharing the experiences with others - that's why I had the idea to present my 100 favourite places all over the world (or, at least, from parts of the world I've seen so far).

There will be some famous touristic sights, but also small places most likely no one has ever heard of before, and all of them mean a lot to me. For every spot, I will give some personal stories, informations and pictures. In some towns or cities, I will present several places I love (sights, restaurants, whatever you can imagine), while I will present others in one entry. There will be plenty of things to discover, and maybe you'll like to visit some of the places, or you've already been there. If yes, I'd be happy if you'll leave a little comment.

I hope you'll have fun on our journey to my nostalgic pavements and favourite places!

Jul. 3rd, 2010

Ich liebe Deutscheland!

Deutschland ist im Halbfinale! Germany is in the Semi-finals! The atmosphere is amazing, Germany is one big party. Everyone is driving through the streets, waving flags, hugging and cheering for each other.

Deutschland FTW! Danke, Jungs, ihr seid die Größten! 4:0 gegen Argentinien, einfach unglaublich.

Celebrate, everyone!

Jul. 1st, 2010

Aqua Mala ~ A new fanart and some thoughts about this strange thing called inspiration

Sometimes, things can happen that you just don't expect. I've almost completely stopped drawing for several years now. I wasn't satisfied with my drawing style, there was too little time and when I looked at all the amazing arts in the internet, I just felt I could never reach a level I'd be happy with. Oh well, I still guess I will never reach it, but nevertheless, there were two things that made me start drawing again: My obsession with Birkin and Wesker from the Resident Evil series - and Dr. Vincent Hunter.

So who's Vincent? He's my favourite own character right now. I'm playing him in an online text-based role playing game on the wonderful website RPGLand, and I kinda fell in love with this guy. Vincent is a brillant scientist who's living for his work and is completely unethical and ruthless to get the right results. He's a very rational person with quite a cool temper - even in situations where eveyone else is terrified, he rather seems to enjoy it. He definitely has a touch of insanity to him.
But then again, he has some amazingly human character traits. First of all, he's the most curious person in all the world. He's also terrified of water (for good reasons), though he prefers calling it "antipathy" instead of "fear". Oh, and I love his incredibly black sense of humour. There are countless little things and peculiarities that make him such a complex and fascinating person. It rarely happened that I had such a connection to a character while writing. I don't even have to think about what he's doing next, because he simply acts on his own. I feel what he feels, and anyone who likes to write and has experienced this before, knows that it's an incredible thing.

For those who have never heard of text-based role playing games: It’s like writing a story together. Everyone writes for his own character(s), so you can experience the scenario from differen point of views, which is extremely fascinating. I’m playing Vincent in what is easily the best RPG I’ve ever been part of: And then there were none, a tribute to Agatha Christie’s amazing novel. Oh well, the RPG is like a dark and gory version of the book, with much more interesting characters. We have thirteen strangers lured to a gorgeous island, and we have a mysterious murderer killing them one by one, leaving a message with every single death. Maybe the best thing about the story is that no one knows how it’s going to end so far: Everything develops spontaneous while we’re writing, and so there are plenty of surprises and especially stunning group dynamics. The characters are the greatest bunch of anti-heroes you can imagine: Our main ‘protagonists’ are an illegal arms dealer, a KSK elite soldier (who somehow managed to become a terrorist suspect), a stunt woman carrying a gun with her, a nervous chain-smoking hacker and a crime novel author – and Vincent, of course. Everyone came to the island for his very own reasons, and everyone seems to have a dark secret.

Now there was one scene in the RPG when the characters discovered a boat – seemingly a chance to escape the island, but there is a bomb on the boat, forcing the characters to jump into the water, where one of them finds a very bloody death. Back on the island, Vincent suddenly freaks out and attacks the soldier he suspects to be the killer, screaming at him that he should have never brought "IT" to the island. It was an incredibly feeling to write the scene, and I just knew I had to draw Vincent after coming out of the water, with wet hair and clothes and, for the first time, with a crack in his cold appearance. I was so sure it wouldn’t work out, because I had no idea how to draw wet hair, but surprisingly, I kinda like the result.

I've drawn Vincent with a pencil and then worked on the picture with Paint Shop Pro 9. I just discovered an amazing new tool, and I’m really proud of his hair now. The background is a photo I’ve taken on Sardegna, Italy, I’ve also worked on it with PSP 9. I have plenty of new ideas for drawing right now, and I think this picture gave me a little more confidence to try them. This is a strange thing about art: It never works on its own. In the end, it was writing that made me start drawing again. And there are characters like Vincent that give me inspiration while writing. But what is it that those characters just appear out of nowhere, and you could tell everything about them without even thinking? Maybe that’s the most fascinating and mysterious thing about writing, the sudden flash of inspiration you just can’t explain. You have to feel it to know what it’s like, but I guess you can never really understand it, and that’s amazing. It just has to happen.

Jun. 13th, 2010

100 questions and answers... and one glitch in the matrix

One more quiz. I love stuff like that :D

1. Your name? William
2. Your birthday? 10.02.1986
3. Birthplace? Berlin, Germany
4. Where are you right now? On the couch, watching TV, with my laptop on my legs
5. What are you wearing right now? The same stuff I’m always wearing… jeans, lab coat, red tie
6. The most beautiful moment of your life so far? Hard to say…
7. What are you reading right now? And then there were none, an online text-based role-playing game
8. Favorite movie? Several… The Game, 300, Sin City, Inglourious Basterds, Kill Bill Vol. 1, Perfect Blue…
9. Action or love movie? Definitely action movie :D
10. Your favourite song? I love many songs… Heaven’s not enough by Steve Conte, Say When by Fair to Midland, Suteki da ne from FF X, The Horse Whisperer Soundtrack… lots of
11. What are you listening to right now? Jason Mraz (especially Song for a Friend), August Rush OST, Placebo – I know, Snow Patrol – Set Fire to the third bar…
12. Are you in love? Not with a real person XD
13. The three most important things in your life? Friends, family, freedom
14. What’s your home? Not sure. Germany, for sure. But I haven’t found one single place I’d call my ‚home‘.
15. What languages are you speaking? German, English… Latin *g* And a little bit of Spanish
16. Your favourite drink? Woodruff crushed ice drink
17. Favourite food? Suki Yaki/Shabu Shabu, Sushi, beef tenderloin
18. Favorite country? I like many countries. ^^ Germany, Japan, USA, Canada…
19. What do you like to do in your free time? Writing, video games, drawing, role playing games, spending time with my family…
20. ICQ ir Yahoo! ? None of it, but I used to have ICQ
21. What did you do last night? Drawing a picture of my character Vincent Hunter, watching stuff on internet TV…
22. Sommer or Winter? Winter <3 My favourite season
23. Windows oder Linux etc? Windows
24. What name would you give to your son? Vincent
25. … and to your daughter? Sophia
26. What’s your favourite colour? Cyan
27. Where did you spend your last holiday? It was a weekend at the beautiful Middle Rhine Valley, together with my best friends
28. Your graduation? Abi `05 ^^
29. Your best age so far? Uhm… 19? When I finished school… or some year of my childhood
30. Say one worldly wisdom! I don't think that there's anything worse than being ordinary (Angela Hayes, American Beauty)
31. Three things for the island? Friends, food… William Birkin XD
32. Three things for a good life? Friends, health, freedom ^^
33. Wishes for the future?! To be happy and satisfied with my life
34. What do you need for a perfect holiday? The right destination and nice persons traveling with you
35. Love or money? Both of course XD
36. Your hair colour? Brown
37. Your eye colour? Green
. Do you have a nickname? Yue, Yu-chan, Will, Neko, Toshi…
39. Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter? Lord of the Rings
40. Continue the following sentence: "Lost in….." Translation
41. The first word that comes to your mind starting with an „S“! Science… and Schadensersatz (compensation)
42. Favorite web site? Chyotto Mahou, RPGLand, ponystars, deviantart…
43. Movies or books? Movies
44. Favourite subject in school? Latin
45. Did you study? Still studying
46. If yes: What and how long? Law. And much too long in fact. ^///^
47. How long are you in the internet every week? A LOT! ^^;
48. Do you have the lights on right now? Yeah.
49. How much time is it? 00:18
50. Favourite thing to do on the PC? Writing, RPGs, ponystars, making AMV, working with Paint Shop Pro 9…
51. Who would you vote for? SPD I guess
52. Are you satisfied with your gouvernment? Great joke! Seriously, I think it’s the worse gouvernment we ever had. I mean, honestly, who thought FDP could rule our country? They don’t even get along with themselves. I hope they won’t make it through the whole four years (and honestly, I don’t think so). But until then, have fun spoiling our country. >_<
53. Do you read newspaper? I guess I should…
54. Interested in politics? Kinda
55. Interested in parties? Not really
56. What did you do last weekend? Relaxing my neck, because I hurt it ^///^ Writing only a little, video games, stuff like that
57. Are you a smoker? Definitely – no!
58. Do you have a mobile phone? Who hasn’t?
59. Current weather forecast? Warm, thunderstorms
60. Are you member of a club? Yeah, Chyotto Mahou
61. Have you ever been to a hospital? Uhm… several times ^^;
62. When did you telephone for the last time? Yesterday night
63. When did you write the last E-Mail? Today
64. Do you have a brother? Name? An older brother named Simon
65. Do you have a sister? Name? Nope
66. Who’s older, mum or dad? Mum
67. Do you drink lots of alcohol? How often? Not often. Really, really not often. Like… five times a year.
68. Do you believe in wonder? Yup
69. Do you believe in ghosts? Sorta. Let’s say, I
70. What’s the sense of life? Life itself
71. Your current feelings are… A bit frustrated, really happy about some things, not so happy about others… not sure.
72. What do you say about TV program? Summer slump
73. Talkshow or Court TV? Talkshows. Believe me, real court cases are way better than any fiction! ^.^
74. Do you have a role model? Hijikata Toshizou, vice-commander of the Shinsengumi (a japanese Samurai troop)
75. Berlin or Munich? Berlin! My hometown and one of the greatest places in all the world! *___*
76. Continue the following sentence: "In Munich…" …it’s beautiful ^^
77. Would you like to live abroad? Nope
78. What makes a person rich? Friends, health and money ^^
79. What does nature mean to you? I prefer living in big cities, but I also love beautiful nature. It’s really impressive and it can make you feel awestruck. I’d love to see USA, Canada or Northern European countries, I think they have the most fantastic countryside. *___* And of course, we need nature. I’m certainly not an eco freak, but everyone knows we can’t survive on the long run with a completely destroyed planet.
80. Your dreams? Right now, I just want to find my way and a place in live I’m happy with. Oh well, and moving to Berlin would be awesome. :) Traveling to lots of countries, visiting Japan once more… I want to see so many places of the world!
81. Your favorite car? Dunno
82. Where did you grow up? In a small town called “Rossbrunn”. In my memories, this place seems like a fairy tale to me, surrounded by nothing but fields and woods. I wouldn’t wanna live there right now, but it was amazing living there as a child.
83. How tall are you? 1,68 m… rather small :D
84. What’s better, work or school? Work
85. Birthland? Germany
86. Drawing or singing? Both. Preferably at the same time :D
87. What do you think is remarkable? What humans can achieve.
88. What are you addicted to? Internet, video games, Resident Evil, ice cream, my friends ^^
89. What are your hobbies? Writing (stories, RPGs…), video games, Cosplay, traveling, photography, drawing,
90. What was your last meal? Yummie chicken breast
91. Your last movie in cinema? I think Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland in 3D
92. How would you describe yourself in one sentence? Though this be madness, yet there is method in it! :D
93. What name would you give to your son? Uhm… glitch in the matrix?
94. Are you naive? Certainly not.
95. Best year of birth…? 1986 of course :D
96. Your lucky number? 17
97. Inside or outside? Inside
98. Do you prefer to live in the city or at the countryside? City! The bigger, the better! I’d love to live in Berlin (or maybe Potsdam)
99. What ist he most imprtant thing in all the world? Friends and family <3
100. What do you think about the last 99 questions? Fun. Not great, but fun.

May. 31st, 2010

Schland FTW! - Lena wins Oslo

Oh my God, this is so awesome! I can't believe it, Germany really won Eurovision Song Contest! We were all keeping our fingers crossed, we were shivering and screaming, and then the dream became true:

Lena won the Grand Prix for Germany! Woo-hoo! I'm so excited! ^.^

I love the Eurovision Song Contest since I was a little child, and Germany always was on the last places. I couldn't believe it would ever change, because, you know, we're surely not the most popular country in Europe. But then there was Lena. She didn't even need a million dollar dress or burning instruments to work her magic. She's just so cute. I loved her on the casting show Unser Star für Oslo (Our star for Oslo), when she performed Jason Mraz's 'Mr. Curiosity', it almost made me cry. And now this 19 year old girl did it. Germany - twelve points!

By the way, it was an awesome night. Those internet flashmob videos totally blew me away, and I love many of the songs, especially from Turkey, Moldovia and Belgium. But most did a great job. I was only shocked by Denmark, because the music sounded exactly like "Every breath you take". Honestly - is this allowed? Whatever, I enjoyed watching the show. And I almost died when the votes were given, because it was so exciting.

So thanks to Europe, for voting for us! Thanks to Stefan Raab and of course, to lovely Lena, that you made all of this possible! I heart you!

I'll end with a line from our inofficial national anthem:


May. 27th, 2010

Are you a typical book reader?

I found this on some website: Facts about a “typical” book reader. I thought it was interesting, though (or maybe because) many points of the checklist are so clichéd and stereotype, it really hurts. But so what, I love stuff like that. So let’s find out if Scholar Will is a typical reader:

1. Readers love cats
True. I love cats, and as soon as I get a bigger flat, I’ll definitely have cats. I want a big, lazy, grim-looking tomcat. Cats are awesome.

2. Readers are light-shunning
Hm. I actually like the sun. Not too much of it, I admit. And I can’t take strong heat and stuff. I also spend more time inside than outside the house. But I do prefer a nice blue sunny sky and sunny weather when I’m traveling.

3. Readers are persons who make decisions on a gut level
Definitely not true. I never ever decide spontaneous. I always think about anything and everything and I’m way too much ruled by my head. If I ever had something like gut instinct, it was totally killed by my intellect.

4. Readers are romantic
Dunno. I don’t really like flowers and stuff. I do like nighttime, moonlight, candles, and if I had a boyfriend, I surely would be happy if he did something nice and romantic to surprise me. Though, if I were given a diamond ring, I admit I’d maybe sell it to buy things I really like. I guess I’m not too romantic, but I can be.

5. Readers love kids... as long as they don't paint in their favorite books
I don’t have much experience with kids. Most of them are cute, some are annoying. If they would paint in my favorite book, I would ask for compensation from their parents. :D

6. Readers are collectors, not only of books
I don’t even collect books. But I collect video game (and some other) action figures, other kind of merchandise, old-fashioned stuff, soundtracks, all kind of Shinsengumi things and lots and lots of other things. So this is very, very true.

7. Readers love cake and coffee klatsch
Cake is delicious. How could you not like cake? But coffee klatsch sounds like “sitting round a table at 5 p.m. with coffee and cake”. No thanks! I prefer to sit on a comfy couch while talking to my friends, and it most likely would happen at night time.

8. Readers have jobs where there are in contact with other people
I’m still a student, but when I manage to finish it and become a lawyer or attourney, I will have lots of contact with others.

9. Readers eat bio food
Uhm... no. As a student, I usually buy the cheapest food I can get. And I’m also not so much into that bio stuff.

10. Readers also like to write
Oh hell, yeah! Writing is one of my favorite hobbies: Stories, online text-based role playing games… it’s much more than just a hobby for me. I think I need writing, like I need eating, drinking and breathing. And it is so amazing when you get that connection to your character, that you don’t write the story, but the story kinda invents itself. Sounds creepy, feels great (and… sometimes creepy, okay).

11. Readers were loners and stay-at-homes as a child
Not as a small child, I was playing outside a lot back then. But I guess I was a loner as a child, especially at school, after my parents moved. And I became a sorta stay-at-home as well. Okay, maybe I AM stereotype, in some ways.

12. Readers have good friends, but not many of them
True. I have two really amazing friends, and that’s all I need.

13. Readers like to play
You bet I do. I’m addicted to video games, and I also like some other games, ad long as it’s not too sporty, like basketball or something. I’m way too ambitious to play things I’m really not good at, just for fun

14. Readers are helpful and good
Uhm, I don’t like to call myself „good“. That sounds way too much like a self-righteous do-gooder. I surely don’t have a helper’s complex, and I don’t do voluntary work or something. But I do care about my friends and family. If I really love someone, I want him to be happy and I hate to disappoint people that are important to me.

15. Readers like to dream (also daydreaming)
I dream every night, and mostly, I like it. Also exciting dream other people might consider as scary. I also love to think of what might happen in stories I’m writing or in role-playing games, but I don’t know if you could call that daydreaming. I usually don’t just sit around being lost in thoughts, only when I have to wait for the train. Still, dreaming is a great thing.

16. Readers drive small cars
Actually, I do not even drive a car. I have my semester ticket, and I love it.

17. Readers loved to read under their blankets as a child
I didn’t really read under the blanket. But I quickly hid my books under my blanket when I heard my parents coming. I had a nightlight as a child, so it was quite easy to read secretly at night. :D

18. Readers prefer books to movies etc. on TV
Honestly – no. I love movies, and I love TV. There might be some books I’d prefer over most movies, surely. But I’m quite demanding when it comes to books. If I don’t like a book, I won’t read it. It just takes too much time. And it’s not easy to find books I really like.

19. Readers always carry a book with them
Not always. I never leave the house without my MP 3 player, but I don’t always carry a book with me. I don’t like reading in trains or while waiting only for a short time. And when I’m on holiday, I prefer my friends or sightseeing over reading a book, which I can also do at home.

20. Readers also love to read other things
Sure. ^^ I like to read some comics, I like to read all kinds of stuff in the internet, I like to read magazines… everything. Senseless stuff is fun to read.

21. Readers have problems with their eyes
Only with my right eye, to be exactly. The other one’s good. And I admit never wear my glasses.

22. Readers can spend hours in a book store
Not really. I’m not interested in most of the books there, anyway.

23. Readers have at least two books with a signature
Not a single one. I do have a CD with a signature of Yoko Kanno, and I’m proud of that. :D

24. Readers have fallen in love with a fictional character at least once
With fictional characters from books? Don’t think so. But with fictional characters from video games. Lots of them. And, even more than that, with my own characters. You can get really close to them while you’re writing. Really, really close.

25. Readers have traveled to places of their favorite books
I would love to, and I will, as soon as I have the money. :D I have already made a Shinsengumi tour through Japan, together with my friends, and it was awesome!

26. Readers have their favorite writers, and they stick to them
Sure I have some favorite writers. And when I know that I like an author’s style, that means a lot to me, because I’m really picky when it comes to writing styles. But I don’t buy books because they are from a certain author, if I don’t like the topic. I also always like to read books from writers I’ve never heard before, if they seem interesting to me. So I definitely do not stick to certain authors, I’m way too curious for that.

27. Readers love to visit events connected with books (conventions, book-singings, readings...)
I love conventions, but more the anime/video game types, because they’re fun and I love cosplay. ^^ I’m not into readings, I prefer to read on my own, and book-signings… only for an author I really love. Then I’d go there. But you can’t say I love them.

28. Readers don’t like to lend their favorite books to others
As long as I know it’s a diligent person, I have no problems with it. In fact, I want everyone of my friends and family to read the books I love, so I can share the experience and talk about it. ^^

29. Readers are night persons
100% true. Night is my favorite time of the day. I go to bed when others get up. “Going to bed early” means for me, going to bed at like 12 a.m.

30. Readers would never give away their favorite books
I have a general problem with giving things away. But I would give away most of my books as a present, if I could buy new ones. There are only few books I’d never give away, but there are some.

Oh well, I guess I’m not a typical reader. But first of all, I don’t get some of those points anyway (what is it with reading and bio food? Can anyone explain?). And hey, who wants to be a stereotype?

I translated it from German to English, so if something sounds weird, that might be the reason. If anyone likes to answer these questions, too, I’d be curious to read. ^^

Jan. 23rd, 2010

Ten Reasons why I don’t like the Resident Evil movies

Some people might wonder why (or maybe not), while I’m obsessed with the Resident Evil games, I just don’t like the movies. I know the movies have a lot of fans and I certainly don’t wanna offend anyone, after all, it’s just a matter of personal taste. Whatever, here are my ten personal reasons why I don’t like the Resident Evil movies (no particular order, but reason Nr. 10 is what I think is worse):

1) Humans vs. Artifical Intelligence? – Yup, that’s what exactly what happens in the games, but it’s Player vs. virtual Zombies/Dogs/Licker/Hunter/Ganados/(insert other type of B.O.W.). So what is it with this annoying Red Queen computer system in movie? And why does it have to look and sound like a nasty little brat? This is so *not* Resident Evil! To be honest, I was absolutely shocked to see that they actually put a Red Queen in Umbrella Chronicles, but at least that thing doesn’t talk and act like a Computer version of Silent Hill 2’s little pestilence, Laura.

2) Name Theft – I think it’s quite insolent to give some character names to roles that have nothing, absolutely nothing in common with the video game characters. Jill has the right clothes, but a totally different personality, while Carlos hasn’t got the right looks (sadly ;_;), but a similar role. And Claire Redfield? She doesn’t look a bit like Claire, and she doesn’t even try to find her brother! It’s like: Okay, we have some random female character, let’s give her a name from a famous RE character to lure more fans into the cinemas!
But the worse thing, by far is… hard to call him like that… ”Wesker”. He acts a lot like Spencer (Like: “Bla, I have no idea of B.O.W., but I want a success rate of 100% in no time, and screw rationality, if you don’t follow my senseless orders, I’ll send someone to kill you, gwarr harr harr!” – That’s Spencer, isn’t it?), he looks like a ridiculous raver version of Eminem and sounds like a teenager. So WHY do they call him Wesker? Because he has sunglasses? Wesker is maybe the coolest video game character ever, and he’s a scientist. It’s not fair to picture him like a complete idiot. ._.

3) Zombies? They look like… Zombies to you? – Nope. Those things don’t look like Zombies and they don’t even move like Zombies. It’s a bit better in the third movie, but considering that Zombies are the standard enemies of the games, they could have done way better!

4) *turns on Luis Sera’s voice* Psychic Powers! – Uhm… no. Just no. T-Virus does NOT create unutterable exaggerated abilities like telekinesis or the eye of destruction: Yeah, I take one look into a monitoring camera, and the person behind the monitor dies in a horrid way! Why exactly did they turn Resident Evil into some kind of fantasy movie? That’s not cool. That’s ridiculous.

5) Eyes on Umbrella!– What is it with this flashy Umbrella logo appearing in Alice’s eye? Umbrella’s newest advertising stunt? Or is it just because the Umbrella logo has to be *everywhere* in the movie? There are like ten Umbrella logos shown per minute. There’s even an Umbrella logo on the barrier at the parking area. But in Alice’s eyes? No comment.

6) Women do not watch action movies! – Or at least that’s what the producers must have thought, or why are there no hot male characters in the movies? I mean, in the games, there are countless attractive male characters. Leon, Wesker, Billy, William, Carlos… you get heart attacks like every five minutes in the game, because those guys just look THAT DAMN GOOD. And what do we get in the movies? Absolutely nothing. Or is Carlos supposed to look good and I just don’t see it?

7) The World is not enough… – 99% of the world population has been turned into zombies? T has destroyed any river and city and almost everything? Come on! RE is not a disaster movie, and T is not almighty. It’s just T. G is way better! :D

8) Smokin’ Aces – Maybe that’s pedantic, but why is almost every character in the movie a heavy smoker? Even Jill is a smoker, and she’s supposed to be a (at least former) S.T.A.R.S. member! I just think that the equation smoking = cool is a bit dubious. My opinion.

9) Nemesis and his S.T.AAAAAA.R.S. – Okay, S.T.A.R.S. have a tendency of dying, but they could have pictured this elite unit at least a little cooler in the movie. There’s one jerk on the rooftop, followed by 30 seconds of senseless chat, and then everyone dies in a hail of bullets. Poor S.T.A.R.S.! Nemesis is, I admit, terribly cute in the movie, but the whole story how he remembers his feelings as a human and sacrifices himself to save Alice and Jill, a S.T.A.R.S. member, that’s just… no, thanks!

10) The tearful story of the T-Virus – Poor Charles Stupidford… I mean, Ashford, father of even poorer Angela Ashford, was an Umbrella scientist, but – wait! He’s still one of the good guys! He created an innocent B.O.W. named Tyrant virus for the sole purpose to help his ill daughter. *sobs* And considering she’s still a little girl, it probably took him like two years or something. I mean… the T-Virus is James Marcus’ life work, and after his death, Wesker and Birkin still spend half of their lifes working on the virus, with lots of recoils and dead ends in their work. And still, the result isn’t ridiculously almighty as the T-Virus in the movie! And if they had to give the scientist a name from the games, why Ashford? That does not make any sense! This whole soppy cheesy story is, in my opinion, the worse thing about the movies. But what do you expect when an Ashford is involved? ;)

So now you know why I don’t like the movies. To be honest, I could name like twenty more reasons, but I wanna give this long story a happy ending, so here’s one thing that’s really good about the movies: Amazing soundtrack! Overall, the movies aren’t event that bad. They are just nothing, absolutely nothing like Resident Evil, even though there are twice as much Umbrella logos than in the whole video game series. But let’s see what T will do in the next movie. Destroy the whole universe? Who knows…

Jan. 14th, 2010

A few thoughts about Resident Evil - The Umbrella Chronicles...

*** SPOILER WARNING! If you didn't play RE - Umbrella Chronicles yet, please don't read! ***

I played Umbrella Chronicles a lot these days, and I somehow feel the need to write a few words about it. I don't know if anyone will actually read this. *g* Firsts of all, to make one thing perfectly clear: Wow, this game is fun! I was so dubious about the different gameplay, and of course, you may not compare it to other Resident Evil games. But it's kinda addictive and, as I said, it's great fun playing the game.

Oh well, but what did they do the story and some characters? Does anybody know that Five Second Movies you can find on youtube? If you don't know them, watch them, they're fun (Matrix, Titanic and Kill Bill are my favorites). Umbrella Chronicles is like "Resident Evil in 5 Seconds", I think. But it's not only that they summed everything up, that's alright. I just don't understand why they changed so much.

Let's give a few examples: The scene when Wesker and Birkin part. Okay, I'm obsessed with the two of them, so I'm a bit sensitive with this one. Why did they make it sound like Wesker would decide spontaneously to leave Umbrella? I love the fact that he and Birkin planned to leave Umbrella together. After all, William's the only person Wesker has ever trusted, and this shouldn't be changed, in any way. I kinda like the "new" scene, yeah, it's dramatic and everything, but I don’t like how they changed the dialogue and made it sound so different.
And... and... and... what did they do to William's voice?! O_____O I was like, Oh my God, they made him sound like a 16 year old boy or something. Aw, I loved his voice in Resident Evil Zero, come on, he's an adult man, what were they thinking when they chose this new voice actor for him? Same with Rebecca. She sounds somehow... bitchy. But William's voice, wow, that really hurt. .__.
Another scene: In the ending of RE Zero, Rebecca is the first one to salute Billy. In Umbrella Chronicles, he’s doing it first. This is giving the scene a totally different meaning, after all, Rebecca is the one who treated him like a murderer at first, and then learned to respect him. I always loved this ending scene, it gave me goosebumps everytime I watchted it. Why, just why did they change it? There are lots of small things like this, and they are not necessary to make the game shorter, they just change the meaning. I can only quote Birkin with what’s maybe my favorite citation from RE Zero to express what I think about all these changes:

And what’s maybe the worse thing in the whole game: Why did they put this stupid Red Queen thing in it? Isn’t that one of those ideas from the movies? O_o In my opinion, the movies are… well… uhm… how can I say it… nothing, absolutely nothing like Resident Evil. And what is it with that Sergei guy anyway? Does RE really need that oh so evil Soviet cliché villain and his annoying computer system? I really don’t think so.

Yeah, I admit that I’m extremely demanding and pedantic when it comes to the new Resident Evil games, because I loved the old ones so much. On the other hand, I really, really liked the RE Remake, and I’m a huge fan of RE 4. Well, Umbrella Chronicles was made by different people, so when they are differences and contradictions to older games, I just stick to the original storyline. :D And please don’t get me wrong, I really, really like the game. As I said: It’s fun. Wesker’s hot. Billy’s hot. Even if Birkin only appears for like a few seconds, he’s awfully attractive, too, and I was so scared he wouldn’t look as good as he did in RE Zero. And, of course, it’s extremely cool to watch the old, familiar place from a new perspective and simply destroy anyone and anything. I just think you have to see it as a game on it’s own, and don’t take it too seriously. My opinion. Alright, I’ll go on playing now. Damn it, this game IS addictive!

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